Women and More Women at the Kenya Kwanza Women Economic Charter

Kenya Kwanza will have most women in government if elected in August, Ruto says.

After a series of economic forums held across the country over the past few months, Kenya Kwanza has now started signing economic charters. Women are the first in line to put their pens on paper as they seal their agreement with Kenya Kwanza ahead of August general elections.

The Kenya Kwanza women charter was signed at the Nyayo Stadium between Kenya Kwanza leaders and all women across the county. Hundreds of women converged at the venue to witness the signing of the document, which will form the basis for service delivery for women if and when Kenya Kwanza takes over government.

Mothers will also be placed in a program whereby they will get diapers for the first three months after birth. This will be provided under the NHIF program. This does not only relieve women, but also increase the number of insured people in the country through the NHIF.

Speaking during the launch, Deputy President William Ruto assured his supporters that Kenya Kwanza will deliver majority leaders in the upcoming elections. Kericho County Women Representative on Kenya Kwanza ticket has already been assured of being elected since she faces no competition after winning the UDA primaries.

“We will produce most elected women Governors, setting a record in Kenya… “The 2022 election is about the economy of the republic of Kenya and its people. The face of this election is a woman, she is called mama mboga,” Ruto said.

The Kenya Kwanza presidential candidate further said that the Kenya Kwanza coalition is committed to the two-third gender rule. Women attending the forum assured him of their support, saying that Ruto is the only presidential candidate who has women in his plans.

Kenya Kwanza will sign 49 economic charters, including 47 charters for the counties, 1 for women, and 1 for the Kenyan community in diaspora.

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