What is Labor Mobility?

Labor mobility is a term that is commonly used in business and economics to mean the movement of workers from one geographical location to another or from one job to another.

Meaning of Labour Mobility

Labor mobility refers to the ease with which workers can move between different jobs, occupations, industries, or geographical locations in response to changing economic conditions and opportunities. It reflects the flexibility of the labor market and the ability of individuals to adapt to evolving employment needs.

There are two main types of labor mobility:

1) Occupational Mobility: This type of mobility involves workers moving between different occupations or job roles. It implies that individuals have the ability to acquire new skills or transfer existing skills to work in diverse fields.

2) Geographical Mobility: Geographical labor mobility refers to the movement of workers between different regions or locations in search of employment opportunities. It involves the willingness and ability of individuals to relocate for work.

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