What is an Automated Management Information System and How Does it Benefit Organizations?

Automated Management Information System is a configuration of computer software, hardware and firmware such that they can handle information management operations effectively. It performs such information management activities as communication, data storage, processing, computation and distribution of information.

Company managements use certain computer applications including word processors, processors, backups and networks to handle information that is necessary for the successful operations and task-performance of the company. Management Information System (MIS) is composed of a combination of hardware, software, data, people and procedures.

Organizations need to adopt an appropriate automated MIS in its business in order to enhance strategic management, efficiency in operations and competitive advantage. In a global business environment where companies serve large numbers of customers, the company needs to put up an automated management information system that can be used to facilitate flow and dissemination of information across various functional departments that make up the company.

Organizations with several employees also need an automated management information system to manage HR functions such as staffing, remuneration, training and development. The company’s cannot facilitate information flow to all of these employees using traditional mechanisms such as verbal communication. There are also other benefits that can accrue to the company due to the use of Automated Management Information Systems.

Those benefits include efficiency, collaboration, reduced costs, and stakeholder engagement. Automated management information system helps an organization to manage customer orders in order to improve customer experience and satisfaction.

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