Vision, Mission and Value Statements in Red and Blue Ocean Strategies

Vision, mission and value statements are the objectives of the organisation that give it a specific direction. The vision, mission and value statements of a blue ocean focus on reconstruction of the market boundaries while those of red boundaries focus on achieving competitive advantage.


A mission statement explains the existence of a company and how it should relate with its stakeholders. For a Blue Ocean strategy, a mission explains that the company exists to create new markets and relate with stakeholders by creating value. A Red Ocean’s mission entails concurring competitors head-on.


Vision is a statement of purpose and aspirations that declares the future direction of the company. A Blue Ocean vision sets a purpose that directs the company to a new marketplace, rendering competition obsolete. For a Red-Ocean strategy, a vision statement focuses the company’s aspirations on overcoming direct competition.


Values of the Red Ocean strategy tend to rely on attaining competitive advantage while the values of a Blue Ocean strategy focus on enhancing innovation, customer value and alternative product offerings.

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