Values of Good Procurement Governance

Public procurement is the process by which public entities contract for acquisition or supply of goods, services or works. Many governments use public procurement to support the development of domestic industries, overcome regional economic imbalances, and support minority or disadvantaged communities. However, without good governance procurement can be misused at the expense of taxpayers’ money. Here are some of the values that are required to implement a good procurement governance system.


  • Clear lines of responsibility in decision making structure
  • Conducting procurement effectively, efficiently, legally and ethically.
  • Provide for internal audit check


  • To evaluate and respond to public interest.
  • Entails understanding “climate “and “culture “of the country


  • To improve individual and systems performance
  • Buyers to use personal initiatives and sound business judgment.
  • Strong institutional support at top levels for supporting professionalism.


  • To ensure procedures and policies are understood and acceptable to suppliers and procuring entities.
  • Well defined regulations and procedures open to public scrutiny.
  • Clear standardized tender documents.
  • Bidding and tender document containing competitive information.
  • Equal opportunities for all the bidders


  • To attract capable suppliers procuring entity must have:-
  • Fair, non-discriminatory and transparent procedures
  • Clear performance oriented specifications.
  • Standard conditions of contract.
  • Adherence to Government’s contractual obligations.
  • Good working relationships with suppliers

Appeal Right:

  • To redress meritorious grievances of candidates and correct system failures.
  • An independent appeals system

Administrative Review Board may grand a plea or make alternative recommendation

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