The Role of Transformational Leaders in Aligning Upper Level Management with Lower Level Management

Organisations are divided into top, middle and low levels of management. For a company to achieve its objectives, all the levels of management must work together towards a common goal.

The Top Management Level

The top management consists of the Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Officer. The top management acts as the agents or representatives of the company’s shareholders. It determines the plans, objectives, and policies of the organization and mobilizes resources. Generally, the top level is involved in decision making of the organisation and exercises authority and responsibility through planning and organisation.

The Lower Management Level

The lower level of management (also referred to as operative/supervisory level) consists of foremen and supervisors (Hernandez, 2008). Lower level management performs various activities such as directing workers and developing morale. It also links employees with the middle and the top management. The supervisory level of management also informs employees about the decisions made by the top management and informs the top management about the reactions, feelings, demands and needs of the employees.

The Role of Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership is important for the link between top level of management and lower level of management. Transformational leaders are good communicators; hence they can effectively link the lower level of management and the top level of management.

Transformational leaders at the lower level inform the top management about the feelings, demands and difficulties of the employees while the top level transformational leaders communicate decisions to the lower level for implementation (Bass, 1994). This link is done through a participatory form of leadership.

The top leaders are linked to the lower level leaders through a good communication link. The top level transformational leaders also delegate their duties to the lower level of managers. This indicates the delegation characteristic of transformational leaders.

The link between the top level management and the lower level management is also based on trust and value for people. This encourages teamwork and synergy within the organisation.

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