The Role of a Sales Force in Marketing

A sales force is made up of sales people who engage in personal selling. A salesperson should have a good knowledge about the product. This knowledge is used by the sales force to market the product. The sales force should also have sufficient knowledge and information about the pricing strategies of competitors and the features of competitive products. The main role of the sales force is to persuade a potential buyer to buy his product and avoid the products of competitors (Johns, 1999). This requires the sales force to be knowledgeable about their product and that of competitors.

Another role of the sales force is to establish a relationship with the customer. They attempt to win the confidence and interest of the customer from the early stages of the sales process. This is achieved through persuasion, and an attempt to convince the customers.

The sales force of a business that is moving from B2B marketing to B2C marketing also work towards the achievement of their sales objectives and the overall objectives of the organisation by being disciplined. Sales objectives can also be achieved through effective personal planning and time management. In order to achieve this, the sales force should carry out various responsibilities including daily activities, identifying new customers, choosing target customers, doing research, scheduling activities and sales visits, and taking action of sale.

As a general position, a sales force’s role is to generate sales from both existing and potential customers. For example, the sales force may be required to sell milk to a new school or medicine to a new consumer market. The sales person is also required to analyse the environment of the new customer in order to ensure that the needs of the customer are met and that the customer is not won by a competitor. A sales force may also evaluate the amount of effort and resources that need to be used in the sales process. Furthermore, a sales person may deal with objections from customers and provide feedback for the complaints, suggestions, and compliments of customers. The sales force may also establish credibility and image of the company in the eyes of consumers.

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