The Meaning and Purpose of Code of Values

Leaders should embrace the use of code of values in leadership. The meaning of Code of values is that it refers to the documents that contain the values that guide employees’ obligation within an organisation (Pauchant, 2005). Different organisations have different contents in their codes of conduct.

Generally, most companies may contain office values, responsibilities, authorities, and accountabilities. Leaders should set up effective codes of conduct and implement them without bias. The leaders should also ensure that all followers abide by the guidelines provided in the code of values.

Office values which may be included in the code of values may include democracy and independence, respect for people, stewardship and serving the interests of the public, integrity and professionalism and commitment to excellence.

Because different companies have different codes of conduct, office values may include even other values not included above. Implementation of code of values can be done by forming executive committees to oversee the implementation of such values.

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