The Marketing Strategies of Virgin Atlantic Airline

Virgin Atlantic airways Company has devised numerous strategies with an ultimate aim of increasing its competitiveness. This has been heightened by increasing competition in the airline market in its locality. The airline company is experiencing competition from major airlines like the Air France and KLM. It is for this reason that the company has adopted various marketing strategies. For example, when air France and KLM merged, Virgin Atlantic responded by acquiring ownership of 49% of Singapore airlines (Virgin Atlantic, 2012).

Although this airline company has remained independent over the last decades, the competitiveness in the market has prompted its partnership with other companies to increase its marketing. It has deliberated to join an alliance with competitors like the British Airways, continental holdings and other competitors like the Air France-KLM. On the other hand, intensive marketing by the company has been achieved through sponsorships and participation of the company in major global events. A notable and recent example is sponsorship of the European Rider Cup, Olympic Games, FIFA cup, Euro cup and NBA championship. It sponsored the 2004 European Rider cup. This was an attempt to gain competitive advantage over rivals like the British airways.

Virgin Atlantic airlines have also embarked on acquisition marketing strategy. In recent years, it has reached a consensus to acquire the British airways archival-rival carrier, Crowley. This will only be possible through a consensus agreement with Lufthansa Airlines.

Virgin Atlantic capability for planning its future marketing activity

Virgin Atlantic airline is trying as much as possible to ensure that it remains competitive in the European market and globally. To achieve its goals, it has taken into consideration the various expenses that it incurs through advertisements, sponsorships and acquisition. All these expenses are the company’s strategies to steer forward in the airline market.

Virgin Atlantic keeps abreast with its competitors like the leading Air France and KLM. In doing this, the company is getting itself ready to devise the most efficient and effective methods of marketing its business (Kotler, 2011). A close track of the competitors marketing strategies is the ultimate and reliable way of gaining higher market share. This enables the company to make an adequate plan for its market share and its future marketing prospects. As a way of enhancing competitiveness, the company applies technology so that it becomes efficient and competitive.

Lastly, virgin Atlantic also focuses on the future prospects that will increase is competitiveness. It does so through analysis of prevailing substitutes to its services. The company is aware that airline industry is saturated. In a country, it can have more than five airlines, which also compete against each other. Since travel services are derived demand, new entrants should be able to cut a share in the pie in the presently saturated market. Virgin Atlantic Airways, a company with a good background in the industry and they are also backed up by Singapore Airlines.

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