The Marketing Planning Strategies of Adidas

Adidas has been trying to make marketing strategies from various perspectives over the past few years. This has been driven more by the success of Nike, the leading producer of sporting wear. In marketing planning, Adidas adapts various marketing strategies by simply following Nike. Their marketing planning therefore changes with the changing perspectives of Nike. For instance, Adidas changed its marketing planning perspectives when Nike expanded its partnership with Apple through iPod. It started enhancing more marketing strategy by partnering with Samsung to produce phones that are Adidas-branded.

In the recent past, Adidas has also started to focus more in marketing through sporting events such as Olympic Games, FIFA cup, Euro cup and NBA championship. For instance, it sponsored 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Adidas also sponsors sporting clubs such as Liverpool FC, AC Milan, Chelsea FC and FC Bayern Muenchen.  This attracts more customers.

Adidas has also participated in acquisition as part of its marketing planning strategy. In 2005, it purchased Reebok through takeover. This kind of marketing planning perspective will enable the company to get access to bigger markets and gain greater market share.

Also, Adidas is planning to venture into new and emerging markets such as China. This is part of the company’s marketing strategies that will enable them increase their sales. After their sponsorship of 2008 Beijing Olympics, Adidas opened a large sporting footwear store in the core of Beijing.

Adidas capability for planning its future marketing activity

Adidas is doing well in terms of planning for its future marketing activity. For instance, Adidas knows that the company incurs some costs now by sponsoring football clubs and international games but it does so as a marketing strategy so as to prepare itself for future marketing.

Adidas also monitors the marketing perspectives of its leader Nike. This enables the company to prepare itself for future effective marketing in its line of business. By looking at what Nike does to acquire and retain customers and gain a higher market share, Adidas is able to plan for the growth of its market share as well by planning its future marketing activities that enables it achieve that goal.

It may also be argued that Adidas has been successful in planning for its future marketing activities in the sense that keeps updating its technologies to that end. As the company improves its technology, it furthers its ability to plan for effective marketing activities in the future. This is because technology changes and marketing in future should reflect the changing technologies.

Finally, Adidas prepares itself for the future marketing activities by looking at the substitutes of its products produced by its rival firms such as Nike, Puma, Asics and Li Ning. A close analysis of such substitutes enables the company to plan for the production of sporting wears that are of more quality and better features so as to enhance effective marketing in the future.

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