The Main Barriers to Marketing Planning for Adidas

One of the main barriers of marketing planning for Adidas is the influence of culture. Since the company engages in global business, its culture of operation may not be welcome to all settings across the world. The world is changing and culture may make the company managers to think that its way of doing things is the best which may not necessarily be the case. For example, Adidas tend to stick to a culture whereby all strategies are aimed at overtaking their leader Nike. Therefore, they look at Nike’s operations in order to make certain decisions. This may not be effective for the company’s marketing planning in situations whereby Nike is making mistakes in its operations. Therefore, in case Nike fails, Adidas may also fail.

The second barrier to marketing planning for Adidas is the behavioral problems. This situation often arises in Adidas due to lack of cross functional management and/or lack of top management support. Although the company’s management is acting effectively and various departments also function well, there are times when the company lacks managerial support and involvement by various parts of the organization.

The systems and procedures of Adidas also provide room for ineffectiveness sometimes. There are situations whereby some systems don’t work for Adidas. This makes it difficult for the company to collect data, monitor the marketing planning process and allocate tasks during the process. As a result, the marketing process is generally thwarted.

The company is also faced by limitation of resources. During certain operations, the company may lack time to carry out certain activities. It may also lack adequate people with relevant skills. For instance, during the 2008 Olympics sponsorship by Adidas, the marketing planning was greatly challenged with limited time because the Olympic Games were scheduled for only a short period within which the company could not efficiently plan for its marketing.

Ways in which Adidas may overcome the above barriers to marketing planning.

The above barriers to marketing planning may be overcome by Adidas by applying McDonald’s ‘Ten S’ approach as shown by the diagram below:

McDonald's Ten S Framework                                                                      McDonald (2006).

In this approach, the organization should go through all the S elements in the ‘Ten S’ framework and identify the ones which apply to specific to each of the barriers above. The company can then identify the key issues that relate to each element. The next step is to identify the challenges faced by the company’s management in relation to each element. Finally, the management should discuss with the relevant department about the approach that they may use to address the barriers within the organization.

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