The AIDA Marketing Process

AIDA is a marketing concept which represents a group of events that consumers experience in an advertisement. It stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. Sales team should consider these events during advertising so that they can succeed to win and retain customers. As the sales team takes potential customers through this process, it supports other elements of marketing communications mix.


The first element of the AIDA process is Attention or Awareness. In this case, the customer’s attention or awareness is captured. The sales team needs to attract customers’ attention through all possible elements of the marketing communications mix e.g. personal selling, advertising and public relations. For instance, free type offers can attract a customer to purchase a new product in the market.


The sales team can also raise the interest of the customer while marketing their products. Arousing the interest of the customer can be achieved by demonstrating the benefits and advantages of the product or service rather than its attributes. The sales team can demonstrate the benefits and advantages of its products or services through personal selling.


Another successful way of moving customers through the buying process is by convincing customers to develop the desire of the product or service (Hart & Baker, 2008). This can be achieved through promotion and personal selling as important elements of marketing communications mix.


The last event in the AIDA process is action. This involves leading customers to take action or purchase the product. This is mainly achieved through personal selling whereby the sales force sells the product directly to the customer.

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