The 3 Types of Training in Business Organizations

In any business organization or company, training is necessary to keep employees updated with the changing business needs of the organization. Training equips employees with the skills they need to perform important tasks, including technical and soft skills.

The three main types of training that an organization may use are: reactive training, proactive training, and active learning approach.

1) Reactive Training

Reactive training involves the delivery of technical skills and is event oriented. It is performed only in response to an event such as an accident, incident, or mistake. For example, an organization that has suddenly experienced a fatal accident in the workplace starts to implement training on safety procedures.

2) Proactive training 

A proactive training is a type of training that is performed as a preventive measure to prepare employees for their daily tasks. The approach links learning to corporate business strategy so as to develop competencies among an organization’s staff. Proactive training enables employees to develop the knowledge and skills that they need to avoid mistakes, errors or job failures.

3) Active Learning Approach

Active learning approach involves learning new skills in an ongoing process while still on the job. Trainees play an active role in the learning process by putting what they learn into practice while performing specific tasks in the organization. This approach leads to long-term retention and better problem solving techniques.

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