Siaya Deputy Governor William Oduol Survives Impeachment in the Senate

William Oduol

The Deputy Governor for Siaya County survived an impeachment motion in the senate yesterday.

The DG was earlier recommended for impeachment by a special Senate Committee, but the upper house overwhelmingly voted against it.

In the voting process which took place on Monday evening, 27 senators voted against charges levelled against Oduol.

Following the announcement of results by the Senate Speaker Amason Jeffer Kingi, senators applauded cheerfully, showing the intention of majority members to keep Oduol in office.

“The Senate has failed to remove from office by impeachment William Oduol, the Deputy Governor of Siaya County and that the Deputy Governor accordingly continues to hold office” Kingi declared after the vote

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The debate that ensued before the voting process was highly charged as Kenya Kwanza and Azimio senators went back and forth with endless arguments and counterarguments.

William Oduol was recommended by the Senate Special Committee for purportedly acting in gross violation of the Constitute, abuse of office, and gross misconduct.

In the view of the senators, the Committee had failed to substantiate its claims. As a result, Oduol will continue serving as Deputy Governor whether the governor likes it or not.

The Constitution mandates that a Deputy Governor, just like a governor, can only be removed through an impeachment by the senate. A governor has no authority to dismiss his or her deputy, unless they mutually agree on resignation, or the DG resigns on his own volition.

The failed impeachment increases the rift between Siaya Governor James Orengo and his Deputy William Oduol.

Kenya Kwanza leaders support Oduol to give them an inroad into the Azimio stronghold, while Orengo remains loyal to ODM and its leader Raila Odinga.

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