Shakahola Massacre: Autopsies Reveal Strangulation, Suffocation, and Starvation

There is more than meets the eye in the Shakahola Massacre Saga. A new autopsy on the bodies of Shakahola victims show that some of them died of strangulation, suffocation and head injuries.

Kilifi tragedy reached 201 as 22 more bodies were exhumed inside the Shakahola forest.

So far, the lead orchestrator of the Shakahola massacre Paul Mackenzie has been arrested together with 17 other accomplices as investigations into the Malindi cult continues.

Paul Mackenzie is accused of brainwashing members of his cult to fast to death in order to meet Jesus. Some of the witnesses say that Mackenzie told them about Jesus who was already waiting for them in Shakahola.

Apparently, the preacher lied to his congregants, telling them that they would see Jesus immediately if they fast to death. Those believers who were eager to see Jesus ignorantly fell to Mackenzie’s lies.

However, it seems there were those who were either unwilling or unable to die from starvation; hence forcing the cult’s leaders to either strangle, suffocate or hit them to death.

A new autopsy carried out on May 16 shows that some of the bodies that have been investigated so far reveal horrific incidences of strangulation, suffocation, head injuries, starvation, and even delivery complications.

The reason for such murders is not yet known, but it is possible that those who did not die from starvation were ultimately killed by Paul Mackenzie’s men as they flee from police officers inside the Shakahola forest.

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