Salaries and Benefits of Kenyan Cabinet Secretaries Compared with those of Other Countries

Kenya’s Cabinet Secretaries rank among the highest paid cabinet ministers in the world, even among countries whose GDP is 10 times bigger.

President Uhuru Kenyatta named his cabinet ministers on Tuesday this week. Most of those appointed by the President are members or close allies of his ruling coalition, Kenya Kwanza.

Barely a week since the announcement, the Kenya Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) gazetted the salaries that the Cabinet Secretaries will be earning. The net salaries and benefits for the officials as proposed amounts to KSH924,000 among other benefits.

How does this salary scale compare to those of other countries across the world?

We researched the average salaries for Cabinet Ministers in 11 countries and found out that Kenyan Cabinet Secretaries rank among the most paid cabinet ministers or secretaries in the world.

The average salaries for each country was measured as gross salary after adding all allowances and before deducting taxes. We then converted each country’s currency to Kenya Shillings for comparison.

Based on the results of this research, we noticed that the most paying country in this group is Singapore which pays its Cabinet Ministers approximately KSH 4,635,700, followed by the United States which pays Federal Secretaries approximately KES 1,540,200.

South Africa and Kenya come third and fourth respectively with KSH1,345,430 and KSH924,000 respectively.

The lowest paying country in among the selected countries is Sri Lanka, which pays its Ministers only KSH100,800.

Another African Country, Nigeria, pays cabinet ministers KSH312,000 per month.

The complete list is provided below:

Cabinet Secretary salaries comparison across the world

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