Salaries and Benefits of Cabinet Secretaries in Kenya

Kenya’s Cabinet Secretaries will be earning a gross salary of KES 924,000 plus other great incentives once they are approved by Parliament.

President William Ruto and Deputy Rigathi Kachagua

President William Ruto recently named a cabinet of 25 members, most of whom are drawn from the Kenya Kwanza political coalition. How much will each cabinet secretary earn?

The Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) has released a proposed list of salaries and benefits that the cabinet secretaries in Ruto’s government will receive.

Once the individuals chosen by Dr Ruto to head various ministries have been approved by the National Assembly, they will start enjoying a gross salary of KES 924,000 and other benefits.

The basic salary for the Cabinet Secretaries will be KES 554,400. This will be supplemented with a house allowance of KES 200,000 and a monthly market adjustment of KES 169,000, pushing the total gross salary to nearly a million shillings.

The CSs will also receive medical benefits, which include an annual medical cover for one spouse and up to four children under the age of 25 and are fully dependent on the state officer

The benefits are broken down to maternity Sh150,000, dental- Sh75,000, optical-Sh75,000, inpatient-Sh 10 million and Outpatient up to Sh300,000. The CS get a daily subsistence allowance for local and international travel as well as personal security.

The ministers will also receive maximum car loans of KES 10 million and mortgage of up to KES 40 million. There will also be an annual leave allowance amounting to KES 50,000 and a monthly airtime stipend of KES 20,000.

This salaries and benefits mean that we will have a cabinet that earns KES 24 million in total per month, in addition to security, transport, airtime, and other benefits.

In an economy that is already struggling with debts and high cost of living, that is a big robbery to citizens, but do I say? As you make your bed, be ready to lie on it.

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