Russian Partisans Capture Some Settlements in Belgorod, Russia

Reports coming from Russia suggest that the Russian Volunteer Corps and the Freedom of Russia Legion have liberated settlements in Belgorod Oblast from Putin.

Russian Volunteer Corps

The two groups have openly shown their opposition of the ruling regime in Russia, saying that Putin and the oligarchs are suppressing the Russian people.

The Study of War Institute (ISW) wrote on twitter that elements of the all-Russian pro-Ukrainian Volunteer Corps (RDK) and the Freedom of Russia Legion (LSR) conducted a joint raid on Belgorod.

Russian sources confirm these reports, showing that some settlements in Belgorod Oblast have been captured by the two partisan groups.

On May 22, the Russian sources reported that the Russian Volunteer Corps captured a house of culture in Glotovo.

The Liberty of Russia Legion also announced that they liberated the community of Kozinka, Belgorod Oblast.

“The Legion and the RVC completely liberated n/a Kozinka, Belgorod Oblast. Forward units have entered Graivoron. Moving on. Russia will be free!” LSR wrote on twitter.

A video is circulating in the media showing LSR leaders as they officially announced opening a new front in Russia. The group had been operating alongside Ukrainian Army in Ukraine, but they have now moved into Russia through the Grayvoron District, Belgorod Oblast.

The fighters crossed the border from Ukraine to the Belgorod region prompting Russian “counter-terrorism” operation.

Unofficial reports suggest that Russian Special Forces surrounded the insurgents, killing 70 and pushing them back into Ukraine.

The RDK published a video of their members attacking Belgorod Oblast and capturing a vehicle belonging to the Russian Army.

Since Russia’s invasion of Russia, there have been many partisan activities as decedents of Putin stage sabotage attacks on infrastructure.

Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar: “The situation in Belgorod Oblast is a predictable internal Russian crisis. These are Russian patriots. Everyone understands that this regime needs to be change, and the discontent has gradually been accumulating.

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