Roads, Dams, University and Security: The Sticking Issues During the Baringo County Bottom-Up Economic Forum

The people of Baringo have enumerated key issues that they want the Kenya Kwanza government to address if they win the August elections. They want a university, dams, roads, and security as key pillars to rebuild the county’s economy.

Baringo County Bottom-Up Economic Model

Rigathi Gachagua today led the Bottom-Up Economic Model, Baringo County Edition, in the absence of Party leader William Ruto who was attending the National Prayers at Safari Park, Nairobi.

The economic forum brought together residents, business people, farmers, and local leaders from across the County. During the meeting, residents raised concerns that there were pending roads and dams that Jubilee started but have never been completed.

Gachagua said that UDA’s priority in Baringo County will be to revive the dams and roads that were stalled as a result of dirty politics in Jubilee. He said that the dams will be reconstructed since approvals are already in place.

The UDA running mate also asked Baringo residents to start forming SACCOs because there will be more than KES1 billion shillings that will be allocated as grant for businesses to rebuild the economy. This is in line with the Bottom-up economic approach which

Rigathi Gachagua further said that the Kenya Kwanza government will embark on building the proposed University in Baringo County. The county has been lobbying unsuccessfully for a major university to be located in the County. However, rivalry between KANU and UDA have disrupted every effort to build a university in the Baringo.

Most importantly, Gachagua emphasized the need to restore security in Baringo. He said that all the stated economic plans will be of no use if there will be no security in the county.

Ruto’s running mate assured Baringo residents that the Kenya Kwanza team will resolve the security problem with no hesitation. Gachagua opined that it is easy to deal with the security issue, but the political will to end it is currently lacking.

The former Mathira MP said that the CS of internal security has refocused his efforts on politics instead of handling the issues he was appointed to address. He also accused Permanent Secretary Kibicho Karanja for diverting the money that was allocated for security to fund Raila’s campaigns.

“Within 90 days of our ascendancy to government, the issue of insecurity in Baringo will be a thing of the past,” He said. The strategy of dealing with the security issue is by involving the leadership and the people of Baringo County.

Kenya Kwanza has already allocated themselves duties. Ruto will be focused on the economy – he will be concerned with raising money to rebuild the economy, repay debts, and help the common person to put money in their pockets.

Essentially, this means that the President will oversee economic policies, which are anchored on the Bottom-up model. Normally, economic policies include fiscal and monetary policies, which are used to influence the ecomic situation of the country. For example, taxation is part of the fiscal policy which aims to raise money for recurrent and capital expenditure.

The Deputy President under the Kenya Kwanza government will be directly involved in matters of security, he says. Therefore, Rigathi Gachagua will be heavily involved in the process of finding solutions to the problem of insecurity in Baringo.

On the same issue, UDA’s nominee for the Tiaty Member of Parliament seat, Peter Ng’eleyo, said that the ultimate Solution to issues insecurity lies with the leaders of Baringo. Ng’eleyo also said that the people of Tiaty are also victims of insecurity in Baringo.

Gachagua later later addressed wananchi at Kapkeyo in Marakwet East, Elgeyo Marakwet in the company of Stephen Sang (Nandi Governor), William Cheptumo (Baringo North), etc.

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