Qualities of Good Sales People – Effective Sales Teams

Recruiting the right people to become part of the sales team requires the recruiter to look at some key skills and attributes that make an effective sales team member. The HR and the senior management need to develop recruitment plans that support the organizational objectives. Recruitment and HR policies should clearly demonstrate a commitment to the objectives of the organisation. The HR should also ensure that the selection process focuses on the skills and attributes of the potential employee. The skills and attributes of a potential salesperson should be included in the person specification during the advertisement of the sales position.

Recruitment of a sales person is essential because it entails buying in and retaining the best human resources to drive B2C sales in the company. Recruitment ensures that the right people are hired to carry out the sales activities of the company effectively.

The Skills and Qualities of Effective Sales People

The recruitment team looks for certain qualities, skills and attributes that will enable the members of the sales team to sell the company’s products successfully.

Communication Skills

One of the skills required for one to become an effective sales team member is communication skills. This is an important skill because it enables the salesperson to engage positively with customers and develop a good relationship with them. A salesperson with good communication skills is also able to communicate the benefits and features of the company’s products to customers (Johns, 1999). This enables him/her to convince customers to buy from the company. Good communication skills of a member of the sales team also boosts the image of the company in the view of the customer.

Negotiation Skills

The HR manager and the senior management should also look for negotiation skills when selecting people to the sales team. Effective negotiation enables the sales person to negotiate good terms with the customer including price, delivery, and other elements of agreement. The salesperson should be able to achieve a good level of satisfaction for both the customer and the company so that a good relationship will be established between the two parties (Johns, 1999). The sales person to be recruited should also be persuasive in order to gain power and persuade the buyer to buy the goods under favorable agreements.


A sales person should also be presentable. He should keep himself tidy and happy always in order to look presentable before the client. The recruitment process enables the company’s HR manager to select a person who will be presentable before the customers. Furthermore, a sales person should also be courteous and empathetic. In this case, a member of the sales team is required to respect customers and use courtesy when speaking to customers. This creates a good image before the customer; hence the company will develop a good relationship with the customer. In terms of empathy, a sales person selling to B2C market should be able to understand the customer and see things from the customer’s point of view (Johns, 1999). This is important when developing customer needs in the selling process before a sales proposal is presented.

Patience and Tolerance

A sales person should also be patient, persevering and able to tolerate environments with pressure (Johns, 1999). This will enable him/her to tolerate pressure and respond adequately to complaints and comments from customers. Sometimes selling strategy may fail, and the members of the sales team should be patient so that they can sell adequately when business is good. This attribute should be identified by the recruiting manager during recruitment. It may be indicated in the curriculum vitae or the cover letter of the applicant. The recruiting manager may also test the patience of the applicant during interview.

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