Project Control and Coordination

A project’s activities are inherently complex and difficult (Meredith & Mantel, 2012). The manager should therefore exercise substantial levels of control over the project activities in order to minimize the chances of failure. Project control as a function of project management attempts to keep the project activities in line with the project forecasts. On the other hand, project coordination enables the project team to coordinate activities and enhance coherence of such activities. This leads to a good utilization of resources and achievement of project management goals and organizational objectives

Project control involves monitoring – checking project progress from one stage to another. In this case, the project performance is assessed by comparing the project outcomes with the initial project plan as the project goes along. Project control’s role is also to make changes to activities which are not in line with the project plan (Boyle, 2002). First, a schedule for the project is drawn. The schedule will indicate the project team members to be used for normal project activities. Project control enables the project manager to monitor project activities and to ensure that the project progress is in line with the initial project plan. The project control mechanism to be used is illustrated in the figure below.

Project Control Framework

It can be noted from figure 2 below that the project manager gives a feedback loop which is necessary for an effective control system. The input is connected to an error signal so as to enhance a feedback loop.  The manager gives instructions as the project progresses. As a result, a feedback signal is generated.

The manager should also monitor the project progress in the project control process. Monitoring and evaluation is done in relation to the scope, cost and schedule.

Generally, monitoring of the project entails the analysis, evaluation and reporting of the actual performance of the project compared to the plan of the project.

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