Persuasive Management Memo Sample

To:  Benjamin Wilson

From: Fred Cheps

Date: 8/8/2018


I have reviewed the survey and presentation and would like to make some recommendations and give ideas for the Persuade Café’s improvement. From the survey, Persuade customers really enjoy and depend on the “reliable cup of Joe”. They also appreciate the speed at which they are served but also state that some stores are very slow. 162 responses recommend the affordability of products.

This explain the constant growth of persuade throughout the years. However, there is a big challenge in the pastries section. A negative response of 433 is alarming and calls for quick change. The next complain is service speed which leads to loss of customers especially the ones getting breakfast on their way to work. They stated clearly that they need to get to work on time. Keep in mind, 30 percent of consumers who eat out do so during breakfast and this is the best time to make revenues (Jargon, Gasparro, 2014).

As the Vice president in product management, it is in your control to change the products offered, kindly take this suggestions into consideration. A variety of pasties should be introduced to compliment the drinks offered even though it would be at a slightly higher cost. Though persuade is known for affordable pricing, customers would not mind paying slightly higher if the quality is worthwhile.

Though at first it may face some challenges, in the long run, customers will appreciate the better quality. For example, you could introduce protein packed snacks for the health conscious clients and actually give them free samples as a start.

It is also important to brand the products in different sizes and colors. This will attract more consumers since many tastes, preferences and purchasing power will be catered for. Remember to keep the original theme so you will not lose the current customers. This change might be expensive for the company considering the current economic status but you can be assured of immediate returns.

Introduction of new products, both beverages and pasties will increase revenue and give you a competitive advantage. Following this rebrand, advertisement campaigns should be put in place and should focus more on prospective clients who are not aware of your services.  The survey also suggested that some customers are not aware of other products we offer for example scones. They should be educated about this products and how to combine for best results. Employees are best positioned to make these suggestions since they interact one on one with the customers.

You will also need to introduce consistency in different stores. Any successful franchise operates with the same vision, mission, philosophy and motto. New employees should receive training when employed and old employees should get refresher lessons. The quality of products should be the same, the speed of service should be the same; such that when a customer walks into any persuade café, they know what to expect.

From the survey, the current training structure in place is sink or swim. This is objectionable because, employees are the face of a company and will make or break it. Offering proper training especially to newbies will involve a small overhead cost but will guarantee uniformity in service. Now that the pay per hour has increased, you will expect more from the employees and training will go a long way in boosting their morale. In fact, they will even help you advertise the business outside.


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