Personal Responsibility v Corporate Social Responsibility

What is Personal Social Responsibility?

The word responsibility is defined as the state of being accountable for something. For instance, a parent has responsibility over their children’s misbehavior as they can be blamed for it.

The word personal is defined as that which relates to someone’s private affairs and affects that particular person (The Chambers Dictionaries 2012). Personal responsibility is thus, the state of one being accountable over their actions or affairs (Oxford Dictionaries 2012).

A company’s personal responsibility can be said to be that what it is mandated to do and is stated in its vision, mission and goals.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Social responsibility is interchangeably used with corporate responsibility, corporate and social responsibility and corporate citizenship. The terms are the same and they refer to the ultimate responsibility of an organization by the stakeholders and the employees (Oxford Dictionaries 2012).

CSR is also considered as the sense of responsibility to better the community or environment that surrounds them (Business Dictionary 2012).

It is also defined as a way of expressing the company’s citizenship through their efforts towards the community. For instance, in the case of a tourism company that ensures reduction of pollution and waste.

Corporate Social Responsibility also refers to an obligation which is beyond what the law expects of a firm, so as to deliver long term goals that a society appreciates and supports.

It is also said to be the commitment of any firm to behave ethically, be involved in economic development, improve the quality of life of the workforce and their families and improve the lives of the local community and the neighboring society.

Another characteristic of CSR is how a firm manages its operations to ensure a positive impact on society,

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