Operational Objectives of Disneyland

Operational objectives

An operational objective of a business entails a measurable short-term goal, which assists an organization in achieving its long-term or strategic goal. According to Slack et al. (2009), operational objectives are normally measured using performance evaluations that help an organization establish whether it is on the right track or not. Apart from being measurable and specific, operational objectives ought also to be consensual, time sensitive, and realistic. There are a number of operational business objectives in Disney land, an organization dealing with production of food products and hospitality services (Steiner, 2009).

Client management objective

One of the operational objectives of Disneyland is to expand sales to its group of clients and maintain or retain clients and increase customer loyalty. This operational objective assists Disney Land in managing the existing customers in order to meet organizational objectives. The operational tactic also aims at maintaining or retaining the clients that the organization serves, as well as increasing the level of customer loyalty. The operational objective also aims at achieving and maintaining an outstanding customer service (Slack et al, 2009).

There are different knowledge/information requirement of this objective. In order to attain this objective of client management, the company needs to have information or knowledge regarding supply chain logistics, key financial figures (especially sales) markets and customers. Knowledge requirements about supply chain will lead the company to get information regarding value chain and resources required to deliver or add value for customers. It leads to improved supply chain management, delivery systems and customer satisfaction; hence the company will achieve its objective of expanding sales to customers and retaining customers /increasing their loyalty. Information requirements on key financial figures are important in measuring the success of the company in meeting these objectives. If the information indicates that the sales of the company have decreased, then the company will know that it is not meeting its objective of increasing/expanding sales for customers. This leads the company to improve on its client management activities. Information on markets and clients also gives the company an opportunity to know the market trends and customer needs in order to device good strategies to expand sales and meet the needs of customers as well as winning their loyalty. This information on markets and customers can be found in consumer watch websites on the internet as well as other commercial websites and non-governmental and international organizations such as IMF, World Bank, etc.

Internal operations management objective

The second objective of the company is to promote an effective internal operational management in which all the products meet the standard of excellence guidelines in order to compete favorably in the market. The information required to maintain standard and quality products include: key financial figures, internal business processes and supply chain logistics. Key financial figures are obtained from the company’s books of account and annual reports. They help the company to determine the financial requirements for internal operations and the level of financial benefits derived from the internal operations. This gives the company the knowledge to improve operations in such a way that they may result in attainment of internal operations objectives. Supply chain information requirements are derived from the records of internal operations and supply chain.  It enables the company to track the performance of supply chain department in order to add value to products.

Personnel training operations objective

Finally, another operational objective of Disneyland is to maintain personnel who are fit to bring success to the business. This operational objective requires information on employees and internal business process. The information on employees can be obtained from the records in Human Resource Management department. This information enables the company to obtain knowledge concerning employees in order determine the best way to retain the best talent, to train and educate employees who need improvements, and to improve employees’ performance so that they will bring success to the business.

The management of Disney Land enterprise should have the knowledge and information regarding the different types of clients they are serving, their preferences, as well as their locations. The knowledge and information about diversity of the market is crucial for the business. This information can be obtained from the internet since the organization serves a global market.

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