Murang’a County Economic Forum Spells Benefits for Farmers Under the Kenya Kwanza Coalition

Ruto in Murang'a

Today William Ruto took Kenya Kwanza’s County Economic Forum to Murang’a County. He rose to speak amidst cheers and applauses from thousands of residents, including small business owners, farmers, and opinion shapers.

The County Economic Forum is in line with UDA’s bottom-up economic model, which focuses on the empowerment of individuals, families, and small scale businesses.

William Ruto began by informing the residents of Murang’a about the importance of the forum, which is to collect their views. Those views would then be used to draft an economic charter that would stipulate the agreements between Murang’a County and Kenya Kwanza coalition.

In a similar forum in Embu County, participants showed their admiration for the county economic forum, saying that they had not seen something like it before.

In Murang’a Ruto said that the final draft will be signed by both the County government and Kenya Kwanza.

One of the items that the people of Murang’a mentioned in the hearing is low-cost credit to enable farmers and business people to access affordable credit to boost their businesses and expand the economy.

Ruto also assured the people of Murang’a that he would find local and international markets for their agricultural products such as macadamia, coffee, milk, and avocado. He said that he would fight cartels so that farmers can get access to markets for their products and increase money in their pockets.

Ruto also emphasized that his government would promote agro-processing and value addition to increase the value of agricultural products for farmers.

Another important aspect in Murang’a is health. Irungu Kang’ata, who is running for gubernatorial seat in UDA ticket proposed that the coming government should focus on expanding NHIF coverage and community health volunteers. Ruto further said that primary health takes lead to enhance the fight against common diseases.

In the economic forum, several Kenya Kwanza leaders also made their contributions. Moses Kuria claimed that an unnamed person was quoted saying Raila would die soon, and that his running mate would become president.

Kuria has been controversial in his statements, but he is doing an unorthodox job of radicalizing his fan base to ramp up support for William Ruto.

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