More Perks for Retired Civil Servants to be paid by the Taxpayer: What Raila, Uhuru and Kalonzo Earn in Retirement

Uhuru, Kalonzo and Raila

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta, former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka, and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga are set to earn millions of money from the 2023/2024 budget, to be fully funded by taxpayers.

According to an article published by the Business Daily, the three former top civil servants will receive up to KSH 645.09 million in the coming financial year.

In a period where prices of basic commodities keep rising and the cost of living is increasing, the taxpayer will still dig their pockets deeper to find more money to pay Uhuru, Raila and Kalonzo.

A large amount of the retirees’ perks will go to Uhuru Kenyatta. He will receive KSH 440 million, which will include perks for maintaining a fleet of cars, house perks, fuel, and entertainment perks.

However, the total spending for the retired officials has dropped from KSH832.38 million that was spent in the previous financial year.

Payments to former State officers, including former Members of Parliament, continue to eat into tax revenues amid a push for a pay rise and increased retirement perks by sitting officials such as members of county assemblies.

Moody Awori, who served under the third President Mwai Kibaki, will earn KSH 51.24 million while Musyoka, who also served under Mwai Kibaki, will receive KSH70.21 million. Mr. Odinga will be given perks worth KSH 74.16 million.

Politicians aligned to the Kenya Kwanza Coalition have previously threatened to block retirement perks to Uhuru Kenyatta if he does not stop active politics.

Mr. Kenyatta has recently reduced his active participation in politics, but continues to work behind the scenes to resuscitate the Jubilee Party which has recently lost support from Mt. Kenya.

As a developing country, having salaries and perks as the biggest part of its budget makes Kenya lag behind in terms of development.

There is need for the political elite to deal with the ballooning wage bill in the public sector to increase spending in development projects.

Perks of retired presidents are provided for in the Presidential Retirement Benefits (Amendment) Act 2013, which was briefly stopped in 2015 through a court case, but allowed to resume later.

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