Mayhem in Embu as Traders Ambush County Offices

Angry and frustrated hawkers from Embu county today made entry into county offices to claim their properties, which had been seized by the county officials.

The county government of Embu took items belonging to traders in Embu market, citing road encroachment as the reason for their action. Several sheds belonging to Embu traders and residents were demolished by the county officials, and their materials taken away. This has left over 300 aggrieved persons counting losses and lamenting on the streets.

Embu hawkers riot

Today, the residents lit fires in protest and matched to the county offices to salvage whatever they can. Grocers, hawkers, and retailers entered the county offices forcefully to pick their items as police watched from a distance.

Embu traders collect their properties taken away by the county government of embu
Police officers watch as Embu residents reclaim their items that had been seized by county officials

Many of the residents say that they were not given any notice or warning regarding the demolitions. Speaking to TV47 reporters, one of the ward representatives of Embu county said, “The county officials should be notifying the residents in advance of such plans to clean the town because this is a time of Corona when everyone is fighting to get food.”

Another ward representative from the county of Embu commented, “Instead of handling people and giving them services, they use force to harm them. It pains to see oranges crumbled on the ground, yet the businessperson has done nothing wrong to anyone.”

Ward representatives of Embu talking about riots in embu by traders

“They should not be carrying our things. Food is a big problem here, paying rent is a problem. They should just allow us do our businesses,” one business woman said.

The residents claim that the county government should not be frustrating small businesses but support them to flourish. Small businesses play critical role in the growth of our economy since they increase income and employment for citizens.

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