Marketing Plan for New Product at Virgin Atlantic

The new product

The new product is a fast moving Helicopter. This is to be branded as the Virgin Atlantic ‘fast-moving helicopter. This is used by travelers who are in hurry to reach their destinations and for emergencies.

Company analysis

Virgin Atlantic airways aspire to be the leading airline company in Europe. The company has embarked solving some of the travelling delays of its clients during emergencies. The company’s strengths include its recognition, good customer care and innovation and recognition. On the other hand, the company’s weaknesses include flight delays and limited flight routes. The market share of virgin Atlantic is about 36%, the second largest after France airlines with 42%.


The target customers are interested clients all over the world which comprise mainly of business people, tourists and usual travelers. The value attached to the company’s services is quality, safety and the reliability. The customers of virgin Atlantic airways are spread across the world and not necessarily in Europe.

Competitor Analysis

Virgin Atlantic airlines faces stiff competition from British American Airlines which is a market leader. The strengths of British American Airlines include wide coverage across the world, reliability, efficiency and fame. Its weakness includes late internet responses and high flight charges.

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