Marketing Mix of Ferrari California 30 v. Ginneta G40

Marketing mix Ferrari California 30 Ginneta G40
  • Lighter and more powerful racer model. This is a good feature for racing. Light cars with powerful engines race faster.
  • The name suggests that the product is 30 kilos lighter and 30 horses power more powerful, making it more efficient in racing activities.
  • New HELE system which is intended to improve performance and reduce emissions. This makes it more environmental friendly and takes care of the environment by reduction of gas emissions.
  • Personalisations: new colours in 3 layers and bi-colour solutions for the exterior and new fabric and leather for the interior.
Features of the engine include 1.8 Litre engine, cold air induction, very light flywheel and about 800kg. This makes the car comfortable in racing luxurious as well.

Passenger seat and harness, fire extinguisher, FIA safety cage and FIA fuel cell

Targets racing championships and are designed for the purpose of racing. Racing is becoming more famous these days and with good racing products like G40, Ginetta is able to beat its rivals in the market.

Luxurious racing cars which are used mostly for luxurious and prestigious racing.

Place Distribution channel is mostly by dealers who ease the distribution activities of the company’s marketing team since the companies markets to a number of countries worldwide

Online stores where one shops for products and orders them online through the company’s official website.

Distribution through dealers and company’s sales representatives.

Online marketing whereby parts are ordered online in the official website.

Ordered parts are then delivered to various dealers who have ordered for them – after sales services to maintain customers.

Price Reduced prices. Ferrari Carlifonia 30 is cheap, hence many customers can afford and its demand is high.

Price discrimination whereby different prices are offered to different buyers depending on their motives of purchase, their class and their locations.

Its price is £27,500. This is cheaper than previous Ginetta products.

High price due to the prestige and the luxury associated with it. Ginetta products are always expensive due to luxury associated with them.

Promotion Internet marketing whereby the company sells and advertises its products through the internet.

Advertisements are also made through the media and advertisement billboards.

Promotion is majorly through exhibitions in racing championships called Ginneta championships and sponsorships.

Advertisements done through the internet, video marketing and through the media.

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