Marketing Mix for PepsiCo and Feel Good Drinks – Comparison

Pepsi and Feel Good Drinks are competing firms in the beverage industry in America. They both boast of great taste and quality, offering significant competition for Coca Cola. Here is a comparison of the two brands using the 7 elements of the marketing mix:

Feel Good Drinks Pepsi of PepsiCo
  • Feel Good Drinks consists of a variety of fruity flavours: Raspberry and Passion fruit, Cloudy Lemon, Orange and Passion Fruit, Cranberry and Lime, White Grape and Peach. These brands are shown in the figure above.
  • They are sparkling juice drinks which attract customers (Feel Good Drinks, 2013).
  • They have unique feel good brands which attract customers
  • The feel good products are also packed in 750 ml, 500 ml and 250 ml glass bottles which are easy to carry and appealing to customers
  • The Feel Good Drink has 100% natural ingredients and 60% fruit juice (Feel Good Drinks, 2012)
  • The juice drink also has sparkling water, a natural colour, natural fruit extracts and natural flavours
  • No sugar lumps are added to the products
  • Feel Good Drinks are also non-alcoholic
  • Pepsi is a top brand of PepsiCo, a US company
  • It has new flavours and packages in different shapes to suit different consumer needs and conveniences.
  • The products are healthy to use
  • Pepsi products are not 100% natural
  • Pepsi’s ingredients include carbonated water, Fructose syrup, caramel colour, sugar, citric acid, phosphoric acid, Caffeine and Natural flavour (PepsiCo, 2013)
  • Calorie and nutrient amount is regulated by Drug and Food administration
  • Pepsi contains Calories
  • These products are offered in fair prices which take care of the customer’s pocket
  • Reduced prices
  • PepsiCo offers quality products at lowest possible prices
  • Prices don’t fluctuate significantly
  • 2 liters of Pepsi costs 99 cents today as it was two decades ago in some parts of USA.
  • Low prices are achieved by the use of less expensive and recyclable bottles
  • Feel Good drinks are distributed by people who buy and sell the company’s brands
  • The products are sold to retailers and wholesalers who distribute and sell the products in the market
  • Online shopping is also used to provide Feel Good Drinks
  • Pepsi products are made available when and where consumers want them
  • They are available in over 80 countries worldwide
  • Pepsi drinks are distributed by the company’s sales team to various retailers and wholesalers across the world
  • Products are also made available online
  • Promotion through partnership with films such as “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” from Peter Jackson.
  • Online marketing through social media and the company’s website
  • Advertisements are also made through print media
  • The products are also made popular though charities such as BTCV, Maggies, Macmillian and CCHF
  •  Increased advertising has added value to Pepsi products
  • Consumer-facing media is used to advertise Pepsi drinks on brand basis
  • PepsiCo also uses social media to market its products


  • Feel Good Drinks makes use of competent employees who manage the business well
  • It has a good number of distributors who know where to find people to sell the company’s products
  • The company also engages third parties in the company’s operations through “get involved” forum on the Feel Good website where people give their views and opinions about Feel Good products, hence improving their quality.
  • PepsiCo had hired over 297,000 employees worldwide to enable the company attain its objectives through effective operations and management
  • PepsiCo employees are also given the opportunity to share unique work experiences through social networks
  • PepsiCo employees are also educated on what to share on social networks and what questions to answer. This makes them PepsiCo ambassadors
Physical Evidence
  • Feel Good Products are found in several Feel Good Stores in UK and about 13 other countries
  • They are also found in stores operated by people who sell Feel Good products such as Asda, Bewilderwood, BHS, Booths, Café Deli and J Sainsburys among other retailers
  • PepsiCo products are available in several retail stores in the world
  • They are easily visible because they carry unique physical features
  • Retail and whole sale stores selling Pepsi worldwide never run short of the product throughout the year
  • Feel Good drinks are produced through a series of processes guided by 5 Golden rules:
    • use of natural ingredients including water & fruit extracts
    • no sugar is added
    • inclusion of fabulous fruit flavours
    • Feel Good drinks are made of a blend of different types of fruits
    • Recycling of Feel Good Packaging materials (Feel Good Bottles are made of 35% .
  • Pepsi is made through a proper system
  • The process begins with the distillation of the company’s finest ingredients – kola nuts, vanilla beans, citrus, oils and water
  • The ingredients are then blended using the best technology (PepsiCo, 2013)
  • The end-product Pepsi is then packaged and distributed to Pepsi-selling retail stores for the customers to access



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