Kenyan Opposition Leader Threatens Mass Action over Rising Cost of Living

Azimio Coalition party has threatened to call for mass action if President Ruto’s government does not reduce the country’s cost of living and review punitive taxes in 14 days.

Azimio prayers at Jivanjee Gardens

During a national prayer session at Jevanjee Gardens, Raila Odinga gave a six prayer points that the Azimio coalition wants to be address. Mr. Odinga played down President Ruto’s recent prayer meetings, terming them as hypocrisy.

“We have been talking about the rise of basic commodities like unga, electricity, diesel, petrol, paraffin, sugar, milk among others for far too long,” Odinga said.

Speaking alongside other top leaders of the Azimio coalition, Raila Odinga said that children are dropping from school due to lack of school fees. He emphasized that the recent decision by the current administration to remove food and education and education subsidies at a time when the country is dealing with a great famine was misinformed, reckless, and heartless.

According to Raila Odinga, as echoed by other Azimio leaders, the government’s policies are largely to blame for the runaway cost of living that is currently experienced in the country.

Consequently Ruto warned the government to restore food subsidies and bring down the prices of basic commodities in the next fourteen days, or otherwise face mass action across the country.

Regarding the raging debate on IEBC commissioners, Raila said that the search for the commission’s Chairperson and other five commissioners must stop immediately to give way for the formation of a bipartisan taskforce to be formed. The taskforce would then be tasked with the role of restructuring the IEBC.

Raila has been advocating for the restructuring of IEBC to become fair and transparent in elections.

Raila Odinga has also condemned Kenya Kwanza’s government for harassing certain individuals who served under former president Uhuru Kenyatta. There are unconfirmed reports that the DCI have recently been investigating former Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi and lawyer Danstan Omari.

The Azimio Coalition Party will be heading to Kakamega this weekend for another public rally where the opposition leaders are expected to speak about the rising cost of living, electoral justice, and electoral reforms.

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