Kenya to Import Cheap Natural Gas from Tanzania

Kenya has entered into an agreement with Tanzania to import cheap natural gas from Dar es Salaam.

Ruto and Suluhu

Following negotiations with President Samia Suluhu of Tanzania and her Kenyan Kenyan counterpart Dr. William Ruto, Kenya has entered into an agreement to import natural gas from Tanzania. This will be facilitate by a gas pipeline that runs from Dar es Salaam to Mombasa and finally to Nairobi.

As the war in Ukraine continues to disrupt the supply chain for gas and oil, African countries are looking for alternative sources of energy to ease the rising cost of living.

Tanzania is one of the regional sources of natural gas, being ranked at position 71 in global rankings of gas producers. The East African country produces over 39 million cubic feet of natural gas every year, yet it consumes only 109,500 million cubic feet, making the country a net exporter of natural gas.

As an immediate neighbour to the North, Kenya offers a secure and large market for Tanzania’s natural gas. The natural gas is expected to be used to generate electricity and help in reducing power tariffs in the long term.

William Ruto is currently pursuing unorthodox ways to beat the deadline for reducing the cost of living as he promised during this year’s campaigns. The natural gas imports from Tanzania is one among many he is pursuing to implement his policies.

During President Ruto’s tour of Tanzania, the two countries agreed to strengthen their trade relations following years of diplomatic push and pull.

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