I Will Return Port Services Back to Mombasa, Ruto Says in Kenya Kwanza Mombasa Economic Forum

The issues of land and port operations have been at the center of Kenya Kwanza Economic Forum in Mombasa County.

The Mombasa Bottom-Up Economic Forum is one among several in a series of economic forums that the Kenya Kwanza Alliance is holding countrywide as part of its campaign to occupy statehouse in August. Today, Deputy President led the Mombasa edition of the economic forum, accompanied by local leaders.

Speaking in the forum, Pamoja African Alliance (PAA) leader Amason Kingi said that the Deputy President William Ruto has signed an agreement with PAA and other coast leaders in writing to assure them that the Mombasa Port operations will be reverted back to Mombasa.

Ruto said that the government transferred the port operations to Nairobi and Naivasha after he was robbed his roles as the Deputy President. He added that the handshake brothers took his constitutional duties as DP so that they could deliberately deprive the coastal region of their key economic activity to benefit a few individuals.

Ruto also reiterated his position on land, saying that he would resolve the land stalemate once and for all when he takes over power in August.

After the Mombasa Economic Forum, Ruto attended Kenya Kwanza political rallies in Malindi and Kaloleni.

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