Human Resource Requirements in Project Management

Human resources are always essential resources for any project (RDI Learning Materials, 2011). They should be planned appropriately so as to enable the project run smoothly. The best human resource should be chosen from the organization. This will require a good study of the organization and its working system. In allocation of human resources, it is also important to consider the estimation of human errors and absenteeism. While it is normal to experience errors and absenteeism of human resources, a good project management team should minimize the occurrence of these two elements among employees (RDI Learning Materials, 2011). Absenteeism may occur due to illnesses while errors may be caused by the lack of knowledge on the same.

The members of the project team may be chosen from all departments within the organization based on experience and skills on project management. There are also some qualities that determine the choice of human resources. These qualities include tolerance to stress, communication skills, organizational skills, interpersonal skills and ability to follow instructions and work with minimum supervision (Jenny, 2007). The chosen members of the project team are then given appropriate training and development so as to enable them improve on their skills and learn their roles.

The required members of the project management team may vary in number. They may include managers from each of the departments of the company such as Finance, Catering and Administration departments.

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