How to Start a Profitable Online Business in Kenya in 2021

Why Start an Online Store?

Whenever you look around you, have you noticed that everyone wants to sell or buy something? In the newspapers, billboards, magazines, internet, radio, everywhere people are placing all manner of items for sale. You can take advantage of this and turn it into a business idea in Kenya for 2021.

By providing a platform for all these people to sell their items, you will make good money. Come up with an online store such as jumia, pigiame, rupu etc. Ask people to place their items for sale at a small fee and market this platform vigorously. Have you noticed how many facebook groups where items are sold have sprung up? The demand is high. The Internet changed the way people shop and changed businesses in general.

Your platform should have categories for example cars, real estate, households, electronics, furniture, clothes, gift items, jewellery, books, foods, services etc. complete with beautiful pictures for easy navigation. The beauty with this business idea in Kenya for 2021 is that the opportunities are endless since you can sell to the whole world, not just Kenya alone.

The basis of this business idea in Kenya for 2021 is that you will be connecting buyers with sellers at a fee. You will not need to stock anything.

Six Steps to Start an Online Business in Kenya

So you might be wondering, how do I start an online business in Kenya? We have identified six key steps that you need to take to run a successful online store in Kenya.

Step 1: Identify the Goods to Sell Online

Finding the right kind of product is a gem. You must find a product with high demand. It must be sellable online, and must be unique. Consider products such as office supplies, books, personalized gift items, cakes, jewelry, etc. In general, the products should not be fragile; and should be movable and timeless.

Step 2: Identify a Webhosting Company

Now that you know what to sell, your next step is to find a webhosting company to help you identify and register a domain. Webhost will tell you to search and submit a domain name, which should be unique, simple, and catchy. You will then register the domain you chose and launch it. Up Next….Design!

Step 3: Create an E-commerce Platform

To create an e-commerce platform on your website, you need a good plugin such as the Woocommerce if you are using WordPress. The e-commerce tool consists of My Account, Cart, Sign-Up, checkout, etc. The key thing here is that the customer should be able to create an account, shop for items, select an item, place it on cart, and proceed to checkout where they can make payments. An online store must have SEO friendly URLs, single page checkouts, and gift vouchers or coupons.

Step 4: Select an Online Payment Method

On the e-commerce platform, you will need to provide customers with various payment options. The most reliable methods are: M-Pesa (Till and Buy Goods), Credit Cards, PayPal, and PesaPal. Then secure your website with an SSL encryption to avoid hacking. Please make the shopping experience of the customer a simple and memorable one.

Step 5: Make the Website Attractive and Appealing

People will want to be interested in seeing what you offer if the website looks attractive. The website needs to be visually appealing in terms of colors, fonts, button styles, headings, image styles and sizes, and backgrounds. The colors and styles should match your business theme while at the same time giving your customers some excitement. An appealing and professional web design creates a good impression and gives your business credibility and positive image.

Step 6: Market Your Online Store

Make sure your website is linked to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or any other social media network that will take your business to the world. Share your products on social media and direct your clients to the website through specific links. You also need to create SEO optimized articles to get generic traffic through search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Google. Email marketing is also necessary, and you can do that by placing a subscription button on your website to get customer emails. You can also use offline marketing and invite your close friends and relatives to be your first customers. If they like what you sell online, a word will spread around and you will get good referrals.

Concluding Remarks

Now is the time. If you have been thinking about starting an online business, there can never be a better time than now. You do not need to spend money on a physical store. As long as you have an idea and you are serious about starting your own business, go for it…NOW!

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