How to improve one’s communication skills and personal networking opportunities within an organization

How to develop communication skills

Individual communication skills revolve around personal character, relationships, as well as attitude (Borgatti, 2003). One can increase his or her performance, work toward earning promotion, and build a stronger relationship in the organization by developing these skills.

First, one should learn to maintain eye contact, monitor body language, practice speaking, and develop his or her writing skills. Eye contact helps one to acknowledge the presence of someone else.

Secondly, one should learn to practice active listening skills, which require self-disciple and focus.

Third, one has to build relationships, since most organizations are structured around departments and teams.

Fourthly, one should learn to practice leading, since leadership basically involves influencing other individuals (Reilly, 2000).

Business Networking

According to Borgatti (2003), networking in business entails an effective low-cost marketing strategy for increasing sales contacts and opportunities, based on introductions and referrals. A business network is a means to market for an individual.

Business networking provides an avenue to reach decision-makers, which could have otherwise been very difficult to achieve using conventional marketing and advertising techniques. It also comes with the advantage of personal introduction and recommendation, which are usually very crucial for creating business opportunities.

These interactions can either be face-to-face at meetings and conferences, or by other interaction techniques such as email, phone, as well as increasingly business and social networking websites (Österle, 2001).

How to improve networking skills

In order to improve personal networking opportunities one should be able to achieve a number of factors.

First you should be able to describe him or herself through an elevator speech or elevator pitch. This involves being concise while introducing oneself.

Secondly, one should try to be different and ambitious. This helps to develop and refine one’s offering in order to have it strongly differentiated from those already available in the market.

Thirdly, one should be able to help others. This gives an opportunity to be helped in return.

Forth, you should be able to keep your integrity by building reputation and trust. This is done through admitting mistake and apologizing, having empathy and effective listening skills, as well as making follow up on some pertinent issues in the organization.

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