How to improve access to information in an organization

Centralized System of Disseminating Information

In order to improve access to information in an organization, there should be a centralized system of disseminating information to both the entire organization and the public. According to IFIP World Computer Congress (2009), a centralized system of communication is where the information from all sections of a department is channel to one particular center, where they would be delivered to the organization jointly.

The information collected, analyzed and formatted by other departments is also passed on to one central structure, where they are systematically passed on to the entire organization. In such a system, there is a definite timeframe for delivering information. This enables stakeholders in the organization to get an inclusive report of the situation in the organization.

A centralized system of channeling information, both for the department and entire organization, helps to easy access to this information. This is because one can obtain information of all the sections, departments and entire organization in one central point. This saves time and resources used to process and maintain information in separate locations in the organization.

Company Website

An organization can make of use of technology to ensure that information is readily available to anyone who wishes to access it. This is achieved through creation of a website for the organization, in which the various departments and sections are clearly designed. The website will have all the relevant information in all the departments and can be accessed by various individuals. As opposed to hard copy information, which can be accessed by a limited number of people at a given time, the soft information can be accessed by an indefinite number of people at once. This helps to boost access to this information by both the personnel in the organization as well as the public and clients.

Social and Business Networks

Technological advancement, which entails the use of information technology, helps to enable the organization to pass information to a wide range of individuals and other organizations that might require it. This is effectively achieved through the various social and business networks which have emerged in the recent past.


Generally, information is a crucial aspect for any organization. It is one of the most important factors which determine the level of success in an organization. An efficient and effective communication system can be a great asset to an organization since it helps to ensure a proper operational system in the organization. A well-established organization structure in terms of operational objectives and communication system is an important requirement for achievement of desired goals and objectives.

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