How to Earn Passive Income through Blogging in Kenya

Have you ever thought of earning income while you are asleep? This is called passive income. However, do not be misled to think that things can come that easy; you have to work for it. Successful business people have taken several years to build their wealth. If you are smart enough you can develop something that can last your lifetime with passive income.

So you might be asking yourself, how can I create passive income in Kenya?

There is no specific answer to that question because there are several ways you can create and sustain passive income. In this article, we’ll focus on blogging as a way of earning extra income.

How to make passive money through blogging?

Blogging is a writing activity that involves writing articles and posting them online for people to read. The content you write must be unique in order to rank high on Google Search. When you are ranked at the top page of Google search engine, you will get more traffic and income to your website.

To earn income through blogging, you need a huge following or a constant flow of viewers into your blog. Thus, the content you post should be informative, unique and highly ranked on Google.

Creativity is an essential element of blogging – you need to develop novel ideas and share them online for others to read. Viewers should be able to see the benefit of your posts in their lives.

How to develop a blog in Kenya

The first step in creating a blog is to buy a domain for your website. Many hosting companies such as Hostpinnacle Kenya can help you buy the domain and host your website. You may require the services of a web designer, but with available YouTube videos and blog posts, you can learn how to design your own website.

The next step is to launch the website on the internet. The best site to use for blogging is WordPress because it is easy to design, create posts, rank on Google search, and monitor the progress of your blog. Accordingly, when you are starting a blog you should insist on a wordpress site.

After registering your domain with a hosting company of your choice and launching your website on WordPress, you should start posting creative content to help people.

How much does it cost to start a blog in Kenya?

Ignore the impractical noise; go past the myths and misconceptions of blogging. Writing a blog does not have to cost your eye and leg. A basic blog can cost you as little as KES 2,500 to launch. If you are going to break the bank and hire a web designer, you might be needed to add no more than KES 20,000 in damages. Let me break it down for you:

Item Cost (KES)
.com domain domain 750
Hosting 1,500
Annual Renewal 1,000
Total 3,250 domain
Item Cost (KES) domain 500
Hosting 1,000
Annual Renewal 1,000
Total 2,500

How to monetize a blog in Kenya

So how do you earn from your blog? Of course it would make no sense if you would help people with no benefit in the long term. Let’s face it; we all are in business to make profit. There are several ways you can earn passive income from your blog in Kenya:

  • Third Party advertising: you can Sign Up with an advertising company such as Google AdSense, MGID, and PurpleAds. You then link these accounts with your blog using unique ad codes. If you do so, ads will show on your website, and you get paid for each click you get from the website.
  • Place your own advertisements: you can advertise your services or products on your blog to market your business. You can also advertise for other businesses and charge a small fee for the advertising services.
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling ebooks online

Tips on creating unique content for your blog

You must understand that blogging has become very competitive in Kenya. It is important to consider the kind of content you are going to post; otherwise you will not be ranked well on Google. Here are a few things to consider when developing content for your blog in Kenya:

  • The topic to write about should not be saturated in the industry. It must be unique. The topics that usually attract viewers and are not fully exploited include:
    • Self-improvement topics
    • Money making
    • Education niche
    • Travel niche
    • Kenyan local culture, e.g. Kikuyu musicians
    • Health niche
    • Food preparation/recipes niche
  • When writing, focus on key words and phrases that people like to search for, e.g. what is the best business to earn passive income in Kenya?
  • Use interesting and exiting language to keep your audience entertained
  • Be creative and informative in your posting
  • Focus on educating or supporting your viewers rather than making money
  • Blogging is a good way of earning passive money in Kenya, but it takes time. You should be patient and have a plan.
  • Good is not good enough; excellent blogging earn you more passive money.
  • Come up with a schedule of activities that shows what you are going to post each day. Focus on the quality rather than quantity of your content.
  • Develop a wowing landing page for your blog.

All said and done, earning passive income through blogging in Kenya requires time, patience, and persistence. Time heals all wounds, patience pays, and other similar expressions apply.

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