How Strategic Visioning Can be Used to Achieve Competitive Advantage in Business

Strategic visioning is an important way of creating a sense of direction in a business, and inspiring others to go that direction. Here is an example of how Unicoi County Nursing Home creates a compelling vision to meet its strategic goals and objectives.

Strategic Visioning of Unicoi County Nursing Home

The strategic visioning of Unicoi County Nursing Home (UCNH) is based on the mission, vision and values of its parent hospital, Ballad Health. The goal of Ballad Health is to improve the health of customers from the local community. The integrated healthcare facility cares for the members of the community, and focuses on specific needs of individuals within the community. As a corporate citizen, the organization’s vision, mission and values focus on the welfare of the society. In this regard, Unicoi County Nursing Home will adopt similar strategic direction by providing quality healthcare to improve the welfare of people within Unicoi County.


A mission statement provides an organization’s operational goal by stating the type of product or service offered, target market, and geographical region of operation. This statement allows the company to focus its operations towards a specific direction based on the needs of the market. The mission of UCNH is to honor clients or patients by providing the best possible health care in Unicoi County. This mission ensures that the nursing home delivers quality care to meet the health needs of local communities in Unicoi County. In this regard, the facility directs its operations towards meeting the health needs of individuals and societies within the region, and improving the quality of care.


A vision is a future state or direction that the organization wishes to achieve. A vision statement declares the objectives and intended guidelines for the company’s decisions; it is a roadmap that guides the organization’s strategic direction. UCNH’s vision is to develop a legacy of superior health by caring and listening to the voices of the people they serve (Ballad Health. N.d.). In this regard, the company focuses on a direction towards superior health – the best health. Thus, the organization wishes to become a leader in health care quality and sensitivity to the needs of people within the local communities of Unicoi County.


To achieve the mission and vision of the organization, employees of the nursing home should develop an organizational culture that reflects shared values. Some of the values that the organization promotes are: creativity, caring, faith, quality, respect, and honesty. The value of creativity is promoted through innovation and talented employees, and adds value to communities through improved health care services. UCNH also encourages its teams to show care, empathy and appreciation towards clients; and become responsive, kind and compassionate to meet the health needs of customers. Honesty is also demonstrated through fair actions, truthfulness and transparency, leading to improved trust and cooperation with clients. Employees should also demonstrate respect for the community to boost collaboration and effective communication, leading to improved care in society. The organization also inspires hope and faith in improved health and community wellbeing. Lastly, quality is envisaged in service provision, best practice, employees’ experience, and advanced technology. Continuous quality improvement is essential to build trust in the community and achieve patient satisfaction.

Directional Strategies

Strategic Priority: Marketing

  • Goals: one of the goals is to achieve patient satisfaction and increased customer base.
  • Objectives: The company should focus on improve quality of care and developing marketing communication messages to attract more patients and increase number of customers visiting the facility (Vogt n.d.). The long-term sustainability of the business is based on the availability of patients.
  • To attract and retain customers, the company needs to deliver quality and differentiated patient care.
  • To differentiate the healthcare facility with private rooms and homely environment. There are several nursing homes in Unicoi County, and customers have alternative choices.

Strategic Priority: Growth

  • Strategic Goals: To achieve expansion and increased capacity
  • Strategic Objectives
    • As the number of customers increase, the nursing home also needs to expand its physical facilities by developing new emergency rooms, therapy sections, wards, and outpatient space.
    • Adding a 3rd wing to the facility with more individual rooms to accommodate more customers.
    • The company should create a medium term plan to expand its current facility and purchase more equipment to meet the increasing demand.
    • The facility also needs to invest in research and development to develop new innovative ideas that will enhance creativity and improved quality of care, leading to increased welfare in the local community.

Strategic Priority: Workforce

  • Strategic Goal: to improve collaboration in the workplace
    • Strategic Objectives
      • Encouraging teamwork and positive relationships in the workplace
      • Developing good communication approaches
      • Using technology to increase collaboration
    • Strategic Goal: to increase job satisfaction and performance
      • Strategic Objectives
        • Workforce training and development to meet the needs of employees
        • Empowering employees through involvement in decision making
        • Monitoring, evaluation, and rewarding good performance in the workplace

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