How Service Quality Drives Success at Beacon Building Services

Beacon building services are committed to Maintaining, repairing, refurbishing, outfitting, and extending commercial and residential projects. The construction industry is highly competitive and Beacon aims at being the best company by surpassing the customers’ expectations. This firm is committed to excellent results, high quality workmanship and more so, outstanding services. Though it sometimes works with property owners, Beacon’s main targets are property management firms and insurance brokers. Beacon provides its services to all building types and strives to offer emergency services to its clients since their services can be required urgently at any time of the day.


Beacons, Established in 2014, has been operating under Burbank Group of companies, the award winning family business, active since 1983. This strong  background  has given the firm an upper hand in the industry to come up with a team of passionate and experienced specialists who work together to provide the best services. Other services include assessing damages and making causation reports for insurance companies and offer remedies for defective buildings. Its commitment to clients, its business and industry has revolutionized construction and building across most building types.

Perceived Risks

The quality services that Beacon offers have played a big role in mitigating perceived risks. These risks are uncertainties that develop in clients because nobody wants to make bad decision (Kim, Qu, Kim, 2008). High standards have ensured that the company’s reputation is good and customers give positive recommendations to prospective clients. The team members are attentive to details and this reassures customers.  Good sales persons have been selected to present a charismatic front for the company while creating brand name that clients want to be associated with. Social risk has been minimized by offering different products for different social classes. Customers worried about their social status can select products that suit their taste. The company also ensures that clients get value for money, so they do not feel stripped of their hard earned income (Laura, 2018). The products offered meet the expected standards therefore the consumer can be assured of minimal to no malfunctions. Services are offered in good time and as fast as possible to ensure no clients’ time is wasted.

Servuction System

The company has ensured that all factors influencing customer experience are coordinated for best results. The visible parts of the company such as inanimate environment, service personnel and consumers are carefully set to work within the company rules and ethics (Dhenak, n.d.) .The offices setup is made welcoming enough for the clients, properly furnished and given an appealing and memorable ambience. Company’s personnel have been selected to leave a lasting positive impact on clients.

The company’s regulations and ethics are strict but friendly.  Staff members have a chance to share their ideas, communicate freely within and outside the management and they do not feel pressured. Clients have channels to give feedback and raise complaints, whether positive or negative and even participate in some decision making processes. Working with all stake holders openly has improved the company’s service quality, especially because transparency is a major factor in reducing perceived risks. There is clarity of objectives and deliverables which eliminate fear and uncertainty from clients.


Due to high growth rate in the company, the team should be increased to avoid personnel shortage. It is also important for the company to put in place a strategy in anticipation of the major revolution experienced in the construction industry due to technology advancements and globalization.

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