How is Cyberloafing Harmful to your Business?

Cyberloafing in the workplace is receiving key attention for its perceived negative impact on work performance.

According to a research that was recently conducted by Massey University PhD student indicates that cyberloafing – using the internet at work for personal purpose – may improve business performance.

Although cyberloafing can have a positive effect on work performance through increased creativity and mental rejuvenation, it can also be detrimental to business if it is not controlled. So, why is cyberloafing bad for your company or business? This article looks at the effects of cyberloafing on business outcomes.

The first reason why cyberloafing is bad is because it leads to time mismanagement. Time is an important resource for organizations that seek positive results. If time is not managed well, it can have a negative impact on the bottom line. Therefore, cyberloafing is harmful to business because it enables employees to waste time which they could use for more constructive activities.

The use of company emails for personal interests is also harmful to business. Responding to emails may reduce the time and mental energies needed to perform meaningful tasks in the workplace.

Another negative effect of cyberloafing is poor relationships in the workplace. When employees spend most of their spare time on the internet, they may not have the time to build strong relationships with other colleagues.

Employees who cyberloaf also have low level of commitment to their jobs, leading to reduced productivity. Cyberloafing in the workplace involves shopping for personal products, gambling, chatting and social networking. Doing these activities often take up to 50% of employees’ time at the workplace, leading to low commitment to their assigned tasks.

Furthermore, cyberloafing can cost companies significant income and resources. Employees who cyberloaf often use company resources and time, which means that the company does not utilize its resources efficiently. Too much cyberloafing also lead to reduced profits as a result of poor productivity and misuse of business assets.

Other effects of cyberloafing include: workplace conflicts and difficulties in performance measurement. Employees who engage in cyberloafing may receive negative criticisms from their colleagues or supervisors. The cyberloafers can then respond harshly, causing conflicts to escalate within the organization. Using the internet for personal use may also affect performance measurement because employers may fail to differentiate between the time spent at work and the time spent on unofficial matters. Thus, the supposed work hours used in performance measurement may not really reflect the true amount of time spent in productive work.

In conclusion, using the internet for personal interests at work can be detrimental to business if it is done excessively. The reasons why cyberloafing is harmful to business have been highlighted here. In summary, the negative effects of cyberloafing include: reduced profits, low job commitment and productivity, waste of time and resources, increased conflicts in the workplace, and poor work relationships.

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