Finance Personal Statement & Statement of Purpose Sample

When applying for a finance course in the University or college, you are often asked to include a statement of purpose of personal statement. A statement of purpose of personal statement illustrates your interest and reasons why you chose to apply for the course. It also shows your reason for choosing the specific university you chose.

Here is a sample of a Statement of purpose that will get you admission ASAP.

Why I choose Finance Major

My primary goal and ambition is to run a business with my friends in order to earn profits and be able to employ other people looking for jobs. I have always wanted to have financial and economic freedom by being my own boss. In order to achieve this, I need to become an entrepreneur and team up with friends to raise capital and start a business. However, running a business requires good knowledge and skills in finance (Chambers, 1969). I choose to purse Finance major because it will enable me to acquire the financial knowledge and skills needed to manage finance and achieve higher income and profitability in our business.

My Skills

Some of the financial knowledge and skills that I require include financial planning, financial management, cost saving, and good accounting practices. These skills are needed in all profit-making organisations to ensure that financial resources are utilized efficiently to achieve the financial goals of the business including profitability, cost minimization, and financial growth and expansion.

I also choose finance major because I already have a little knowledge about finance. During my leisure time I have been reading financial magazines and articles. This has enabled me to learn how financial managers utilize funds to achieve their financial goals in particular and organisational objectives in general. I have also studied some financial journal articles with useful information and insight about finance. This knowledge will make my studies in finance major to be easier.

My Interest in Finance

Lastly, I have great interest in finance, leading me to choose finance as a major. I enjoy working on numbers, allocating funds to various projects, and making accounting entries. Choosing finance as my major is a good decision for me because I will be able to work in my area of interest; hence performing well academically.

Why I Choose Management Major

One of the main reasons why I choose management as my major is because I need good leadership skills which I may use to lead people to achieve organizational goals. Based on my goal of starting my own business with friends, teamwork will be inevitable if we want to become successful in our business (Brigham & Houston, 2004). Therefore, the team requires a good manager with effective leadership qualities in order to achieve higher team performance.

Skills in Management

I choose management major because it will enable me to learn about management in theory and practice. The course will enhance my managerial and leadership knowledge and skills in order to lead and motivate effective teams.

I also choose management major in order to build my existing leadership skills. Currently, I am a decisive leader with good communication skills. I am also a good time manager, and I have good social skills. Some of my hobbies include chatting with friends and engaging in outdoor activities. These leadership skills qualify me to become a good manager (Chambers, 1969). Therefore, I need a little more knowledge in management in order to boost my leadership abilities and enable me to lead my friends to achieve our business objectives.

Interest and Passion

My choice of management major has also been motivated by the need to provide effective management and efficient utilization of resources in order to achieve sustainable development. I am concerned with efficient utilization of human capabilities, financial resources and physical resources.

My great concern for the environment and its people has made me to develop an interest in a managerial position in order to develop appropriate environmental-friendly approaches of managing resources. Studying management course is the best step for me to qualify as an effective manager. As a manager, I am looking forward to promoting servant hood leadership guided by concern about the environment and the community. It is therefore important for me to pursue a management major in order to achieve my dream.

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