Examples of Advertising Regulatory Organizations

Since advertising forms part of a company’s marketing strategies and each company attempts to win a better share of the market, companies do everything they can in advertising to win customers. This at times results in unacceptable practices which may go against society norms and lead to unethical practices. As a result, many advertising regulatory organizations have emerged so as to regulate advertising mechanisms applied by business organizations in their marketing strategies. Some of the most prominent advertising regulatory commissions are International Advertising Authority, Asian Federation of Advertising Agencies and Australian Advertising Standards Board among others. Each of these advertising regulatory organizations attempts to regulate the advertising practices of business organizations within its jurisdictions.

International Advertising Authority (IAA)

International Advertising Authority (IAA) acts as a proactive partner to international corporations involved in marketing activities. This authority advocates for freedom in marketing and commercial communications. The company has formed an international network of partnership with over 4,000 corporate members, institutions and associations across over 70 countries in the world.

The main aim of the organization is to advocate for freedom in commercial communication and fight against unfair regulations, hence championing for economic significance of marketing practices. This is achieved through support of existing structures, championing for the establishment of new mechanisms, allowing for information exchange and best practices and enhancing self-regulatory systems to governments.

The organization also offers training through forums. This is to enable the company achieve its aim by providing for the exchange of views on the emerging and prevailing policy factors and trends in the industry. Therefore, IAA serves as the voice of commercial communication industry.

Asian Federation of Advertising Agencies (AFAA)

Asian Federation of Advertising Agencies (AFAA) is an advertising regulatory organization which covers Asia countries. Its purpose is to bring together all Asian advertising associations and improve the standards, ethics and practices of advertising. As a result, the company attempts to contribute more meaningfully towards regional and national socio-economic development in Asia through positive advertising activities. The association also advocates for self-regulation and develops various educational programs and implements them.

AFAA also attempts to strengthen interactions between Asian and multi-national corporations in order to foster a regional and national socio-economic development. In order to achieve this objective, AFAA has recognized the significance of interactions and human relations communication. AFAA further advocates for the promotion of Asian values in advertising so as to enhance the attainment of better communication results in advertising.

Australian Advertising Standards Board (AASB)

Finally, Australian Advertising Standards Board is an Australian advertising regulatory association which sets regulations on the advertisements of Australian advertising companies. It uses the rules set by Australia Association of National advertisers to enhance ethical practices in advertising. The association receives complains about advertisements and evaluates them using section two of the advertiser code of ethics of the Australia Association of National Advertisers.

Advertisements related to taste and decency as well as health and safety are often reviewed by the board so as to reduce unethical practices involving advertisers. Australian Advertising Standards Board is funded by the advertisement industry through the Australian advertising Standards council. The board addresses all complaints related to unethical advertisements which are often presented to it through the online “lodge a complaint” facility.

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