Effective Selection Process of a Sales Team: How to Hire the Right Salesperson

Selection involves screening of applicants to determine the potential employees and eliminate those who are not suitable for the job. This process enables the HR manager and the selection team to identify applicants who have the qualities that the organisation is looking for. The selection process begins with the screening of letters of application, curriculum vitas, certificates and application forms to sort qualified from unqualified applicants.

Selection process depends on the sales position available. For members of a sales team, applicants who do not meet the qualities and attributes indicated in the job specification and the job description are eliminated (Jobber and Lancaster, 2009). Those whose documents indicate that they meet the required skills and attributes will be invited for an interview where they will meet the HR manager and the selection panel. If they prove to be worth the job, they are then invited for an orientation. Therefore, the selection process is important because it enables the HR team to identify members of the sales team who can work effectively to achieve the sales objectives and the overall organisational objectives.

Interviews are also important in sales positions because it determines whether the applicant has interactive, persuasive and people skills. A sales person should be professional, personable, interactive, and persuasive (Jobber and Lancaster, 2009). These skills are essential for a sales person to communicate and generate a sale to the customer. The attributes can be identified during a face-to-face interview with the HR team.

After the sales team member has been selected, he should be motivated through monetary rewards and other methods to achieve target whilst working for the firm. This approach links the performance of the sales team member and his/her rewards.

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