Desirable Leadership Qualities for Project Managers

Projects often require managers to show some leadership qualities. The manager would choose enhance teamwork in the project management. This enables members to work together and share ideas for the success of the project. Collective team spirit as well as trust among the project participants leads to enhanced success of the project team. Collective responsibility and teamwork will result in better outputs for the project team. Project managers should also exercise different leadership skills: directing, coaching, supporting and delegating.

Directing: This means instructing and guiding the project team in so that it may work according to plan and achieve the objectives of the project.

Coaching: is a process in which the manager and the other team members engage in a direct work relationship. The members of the team learn from the manager through watching and listening. Coaching also enables the manager to provide continuous support and encouragements so as to motivate the project team.

Delegating: This is the process of giving certain responsibilities to certain personnel who are suited so as to reduce the burden of the superiors.

Visionary Leadership: Another leadership quality which the manager should also possess is being visionary and be purposeful. A leader with vision will be able to know where he is going and be able to formulate the strategies to get where he is going.

Other qualities which should be displayed by the project manager include:

  • Change initiative: The project manager should appreciate change so as  enable the project team to adjust and adapt to changes that may improve the project. Flexibility enables the manager to respond to changes effectively
  • Effective communication: Good communication skills enables the project manager to negotiate terms well and keep updating the project team on current issues as well as linking the team to its environment (Jenny, 2007)
  • Conflict resolution: The project team may be threatened by the occurrence of conflicts arising among the project team members. The manager should be able to resolve such conflicts harmoniously so as to strengthen teamwork within the project team.
Project Leadership Model
Project Leadership Model (

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