CSR as a recruitment tool in Human Resource management

During the process of change management, recruitment of new employees is an important element in order to obtain the best team that can be used by an organization to effect the changes required within the organization. Change is often effective if it entails involvement within the organization.

All employees, managers and stakeholders contribute more to sustainable change management if they work in collaboration to each other than in isolation. In this regard, organizations need to recruit the best employees who can work collaboratively and cohesively towards a common goal.

Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) is therefore used by the Human resource department to aid in recruitment and retention of the best employees.

During interviews, interviewees often ask the corporate responsibility framework of the company. A company with a tangible evidence of a working CSR policy will be at a better position to hire the best employees who can bring desirable changes to the organization.

Corporate Social Responsibility will also boost the perception of the company’s staff about the company’s change management strategies especially if they are involved in such activities as payrolls, fundraising and volunteers.

CSR is therefore found to motivate employees and encourage lasting relationship between them and the organization as well as improving their commitment to the organization.

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