Criteria for Selecting an Appropriate Job Evaluation Method

The main criteria for selecting a job evaluation scheme are that it should be:

  • Analytical – it should be based on the analysis and evaluation of the degree to which various defined elements or factors are present in a job.
  • Application – Thorough in analysis and impartial application in its application, the scheme should have been carefully constructed to ensure that its analytical framework is sound and appropriate in terms of all the jobs it has to cater for. It should also have been tested and tried to check that it can be applied impartially to those jobs.
  • Appropriate – it should cater for the particular demands made on all the jobs to be covered by the scheme.
  • Comprehensive – the scheme should be applicable to all the jobs in the organization covering all categories of staff, and the factors should be common to all those jobs. There should therefore be a single scheme that can be used across different occupations or job families and to enable benchmarking to take place as required.
  • Transparent – the processes used in the scheme from the initial role analysis through to the grading decision should be clear to all concerned.
  • Non-discriminatory – the scheme must meet equal pay for work of equal value requirements.

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