Corporate Social Responsibility and Change Management

In the current corporate world, organizations experience system and development changes occasioned by various changes within their business environments. In order to overcome resistance to change and enhance change implementation plan, it is necessary for company management to inculcate people management into the change management and development process.

Change and development as well as change implementation plans often involve various concepts. Organizations and individuals choose which model or concept to include in change management in order to effectively achieve change management objectives and organizational goals. One of the most effective organizational tools in enhancing change management is Corporate Social Responsibility.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility functions as a policy which enables a company to meet its corporate objectives and perform well in the market while encouraging positive impact on the environment, customers, employees, stakeholders and the society at large. Through involvement in corporate social responsibility, “a company is able to meet the interests of the company’s stakeholders and the needs of the environment within which it operates.” (Bhattacharya, Sen and Korschun, 2008). From this assertion, it is clear that corporate social responsibility has a lot to do with a company’s interaction with the environment.

Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Change Management

Since change is inevitable within an organization’s environment, corporate social responsibility is one of the most important tools for effecting change management within an organization. For instance, if a company strives to conserve the environment, it reduces the impacts of environmental pollution such as climate change. As a result, the company will be able to operate from an enabling environment in order to produce enough quality products or services that can meet the changing demands of the market. This will contribute to the company’s profitability in the long run. CSR also enables an organization to make management decisions related to change in such areas as health, security, and employees and consumer wellbeing.

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