Contribution of operational objectives to the overall organizational objectives of Disneyland

Internal operational management is a crucial operational business objective for Disney Land. It entails maintaining standard products through effective internal operations including business processes and value chain. It also contributes greatly to the achievement of the entire objectives of the organization. This operational objective serves a wide range of duties that function to achieve the overall goals of the organization. It deals with various aspects of the organization, ranging from product, service, and program management to communication within and without the organization. Internal operational management is the operational objective which ensures that the organization’s product is properly presented to the market. The organization uses this objective to strategize on how to present its products and services to the market in the most appropriate manner (Slack et al, 2009).

It also works in ensuring operations management in the organization. It achieves this by continually improving internal processes of the organization in order to achieve efficiency. It also does operational management by capitalizing on physical capacity, as well as improving organizational structure of the firm. This objective also ensures internal management by redirecting or restructuring available resources in the organization in order to meet the overall objectives of the organization (Slack et al., 2009). The other crucial contribution of this operational objective is management of communication both within and without the organization. It does this by ensuring an effective internal as well as customer communication (Evans, 2005).

The management should have the knowledge and information about the entire structure and operations of the organization. This is achieved by taking an evaluation and study of the organization’s internal operations. Such a knowledge and information will enable the company to manage operations effectively so that they will lead to the production of quality products and addition of value for customers.

Disney Land’s public image is greatly dependent on the internal operational management, especially the product management aspect of the objective. Through internal operational management, the organization determines the nature and quality of services that it sells in the market. This translates to the overall performance of the organization. Internal operational management also deals with communication in the organization. The performance of a business is greatly dependent on communication, both within and without the organization. An efficient and effective communication system is an important factor in the realization of an organization’s long-term objective. A well-structured system of communication system, which is the responsibility of internal operation management in an organization, translates to optimum performance within the organization in the overall objectives.

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