Contents of the Procurement Plan

Procurement entity should prepare a procurement plan for each financial year as part of their annual budget preparation process. The annual procurement plan shall be integrated with the applicable budget process and based on an indicative or approved budget. Heads of department shall submit the plan to the accounting officer at least 30 days before closing of the financial year.

The consolidated annual procurement plan shall be prepared by the procurement unit and approved by the head of the procuring entity and where applicable by the Board of Directors.

The annual procurement plan of each procurement entity must include:-

  • A detailed / breakdown of goods, work or services required.
  • A schedule of the planned delivery, implementation or completion dates for all goods, woks or services required
  • An indication and justification for whether it shall be procured within a single year period to under a multi-year management.
  • An indication of which items can be aggregated for procurement as a single package or for procurement through any applicable arrangement for common user items.
  • An indication of which item can be packaged into lots.
  • An estimate of the value of each package of goods, works or services required and a indication of the budget available and sources of funding.
  • An indication of the appropriate procurement methods for each procurement requirement. Employee’s board and committee members as well as the contracts suppliers and consultants are also required to comply with the provisions of the PPDA and its regulations.

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